Single Fiber Optic To Detect Intrusion/Motion on Perimeter Fencing

FiberSensorTM Perimeter Intrusion Detection is BEI Security's high performing, cost-effective security system designed for low to medium security risk installations. FiberSensor™ detects intrusion attempts at existing fence or palisade barriers by means of motion and vibration disturbance. To provide uniform detection and to enhance sensitivity, the sensor cable is attached to the existing fence by steel wire ties.

What is FiberSensor™ ?

The FiberSensorTM is a versatile system based on the use of fiber optic sensor cables. Intrusion attempts are detected by motion and vibration disturbance in the light transmission through the fiber optic cable. It can be installed on an existing perimeter fence or barrier or buried underground.

Why use our fiber optic technology?

BEI Security researched and developed the patents for our fiber optic security to be the best in the field of perimeter security. Our durable fiber optic technology can withstand all outdoor elements, from extreme freezing cold to deep ocean bottom depths. We build a cable you can depend on.

How can FiberSensor™ help you or your organization?

Increasing the protection of your secured perimeter is the primary function of FiberSensorTM. It's an intelligent fence designed to detect if, and where, your perimeter is being penetrated. With variable length detection zones of up to 6,500 feet in length, FiberSensorTM will tell you precisely where the perimeter disturbance detection is occurring.

What applications is FiberSensor™ used for?

Any perimeter or barrier that needs an added layer of detection security is a candidate for FiberSensorTM technology. Industrial plants, nuclear plants, power plants, water treatment facilities, prisons, jails, military bases, commercial property, oil refineries, border protection, government buildings and airports are all potential users of these products.

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How FiberSensor™ works:

Coded infrared (IR) light is sent through the cable sensors from IR transmitters and is received by IR receivers. Any attempted intrusion such as cutting, climbing or walking above the FiberSensorTM will be detected by an interruption in light transmission and will trigger an alarm in the Command Center that will locate and identify the intruded zone.

A Laser Diode (transmitter) launches continuous wave light into a fiber optic cable. It appears at the end of the fiber optic as a speckle pattern of light and dark patches. Under steady conditions this speckle pattern is stationary. When pressure or vibration is applied close to the sensor it causes the fiber optic to deflect and redistribute the light speckle pattern. This movement or ‘twinkling’ of the speckle pattern is detected by a Photo-Diode (receiver). The output is electronically processed and fed to a relay that causes an alarm to be activated. Any attempt to cut through or climb over the barrier will trigger an alarm. The pressure sensitivity on each section can also be adjusted to accommodate a balance between security and prevailing environmental conditions.

What You Should Know:

The fiber is sensitive to cuts, vibration and when it is moved, it sends a coded signal and notifies exactly where it was cut or moved.

Need more information about FiberSensor™ ?

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